Blooming Spring - Our March Favourites!

Blooming Spring - Our March Favourites!

If you are looking for bold colourful plants to brighten your garden during Spring why not consider varieties of the ever popular Rhododendron and Camellia.

These ornamental evergreen shrubs carry large buds through late winter offering a hint of the beauty to come. Bright, colourful flowers begin appearing in late Spring- giving a showy display of pink, purple, white and magenta creating a stunning burst of colour early in the year. Some varieties a designed to grow to only 80-100cm and grow well in pots but others can grow to great heights and are suited to bigger gardens, reaching around 2+ metres in height. 

The tidy, neat habit of the evergreen shrub gives great structure as a focal point on the patio or against a feature wall. Choose a well-drained spot and plant using ericaceous compost. Top dress with bark or pine needle mulch, this will help retain moisture and protect the shallow root system during the winter months. Similarly, feeding with an ericaceous feed through the summer months will also give a boost to the amount of buds for the next season. A sheltered position with dappled shade or morning sun and afternoon shade is preferred. 

Camellias & Rhododendrons are an ideal choice if low maintenance planting is for you. Pruning is not required, simply take out any dead stems as necessary. Plants make perfect presents so why not consider a Camellia or Rhododendron as a ideal gift for early birthdays, Mother's day or Easter gift for friends and family.